May 28, 2009

Donations of Artwork to support Charitable Causes....

Having an artistic ability and invariably the means to create something artistic is a very rewarding experience on many levels. The individual creative journey varies but it is an intense and almost meditative process. The act of creativity is spiritually rewarding.

Once an artist finds a market for their artwork such that they start to generate sales, of course, that is rewarding on a whole other level, which is pretty self-explanatory.

In my opinion, the act of donating artwork to worthy causes as fund-raising tools, is also quite rewarding. Many charities rely on successful silent auctions as part of their fund-raising efforts. In such a scenario, the rewarding aspect for an artist is multi-faceted: you are inherently rewarded vis a vis your sense of social responsibility knowing you are doing something to help a worthy cause; in addition, the silent auction itself can serve as a channel through which to market your name, artwork, etc.

Most recently I donated a print to a very worthy cause, Rockin' Against Cancer. One of my friends, a very talented photographer, is one of the key organizers of this cause as a direct result of a recent glioma diagnosis (brain cancer) received by her close family member. The mission of this organization is to raise funds for glioma research as well as to support families of those who are afflicted, etc.

This past Sunday May 24th there was a concert benefit held (in Colorado) which was hugely successful in terms of the community response, silent auction success and press coverage.

Click to learn more about Rockin' Against Cancer
Click to learn how you can help
Click to read about the Rockin' Against Cancer Press Coverage

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