June 7, 2009

Pat on the back from VeryVoo.com! Thanks, Guys!

I feel as though I've become one with my laptop as I've barely left its side today, and it mine (my lap, that is) :-) I'm completely wiped and ready to shut it down but not before I share my excitement about logging in to the coolest new collaborative website, VeryVoo, and noticing that the photobook which I had recently created consisting of the latest images from my trip to Europe, is the "Best of the Best" feature on their photobook gallery page!
So cool and so Voo! It's a lot of fun - basically you start an album with a theme and invite people via email and they can add to it too - I think the max number of contributors is 20 people but you can adjust as you wish once you create a log-in, etc. Check it out and have fun collaborating! In addition to collaborative albums, you can also do creative writing collaborations, etc. Much more fun if you check it out yourself and explore the possibilities.

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