Images and Process

About copyright & the photographic images:
The photographic images which appear on this blog as well as all images represented on the internet sites associated with Argentic Vision are the sole property of the photographer, Lili Rahmati. The digital images are protected with a watermark however the handmade silver gelatin images will bear no such obstructions.

All images are captured on 35mm film and are processed according to the chemical processing specifications unique to the type of film used.

The images are then printed by hand using the finest archival materials in the traditional chemical darkroom. Therefore, given the handmade techniques and due to variations in the processing equipment, no two images are exactly alike.
Photographs are available for purchase ranging in paper sizes from 5x7 up to 16x20.
Depending on whether the image is sold with custom mat and frame, the finished sizes will vary.
Image size information:
Where applicable, it will be indicated whether the finished piece is available in a standard size which means that the image (with mat) can fit into any standard size store-bought frame.
All images are sold with an accompanying mat and are hinge-mounted (to archival museum standards).
Signed & Numbered Prints (editions):
Certain images are part of photographic editions designated by the photographer. Purchases of prints belonging to an edition will accompany a signed and dated Certificate of Authenticity indicating the print number and edition size of the print.
Prints which belong to an edition are produced in limited quantities and are therefore higher in value than prints which belong to an open edition.
Certificate of Authenticity:
All archival silver gelatin prints are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity which is signed and dated by the photographer.
For prints which belong to an open edition, the COA bears the title and some descriptive information about the print.
For prints which belong to a limited or special edition, the COA bears additional information specifying the number of the print as part of the edition as well as the size allotment of the edition.

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