April 23, 2011

Chicago: A city that pleases the senses via art & architecture and much more

I'm visiting Chicago this week and have found myself inspired by the city's artistic and architectural beauty. As far as the eye can see, and in every direction, there are seemingly endless sources of inspiration in the way of cool, hip, and thought-provoking public art for all to enjoy. The architecture is absolutely phenomenal, comprised of styles that are so rich and visually stunning not to mention diverse.
Since I shoot on film, I won't be able to share the images taken with my film camera until I've had a chance to process my negatives however thanks to the availability of my Blackberry camera, I can share some images I've taken from my trip with you below (images have been captured on a black & white setting and have NOT been digitally altered). Enjoy!

Additional images from my Chicago portfolio can be viewed here.

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