April 28, 2010

You Can't Rush Perfection

La Sagrada Familia, the famous cathedral in Barcelona, is considered to be Antonio Gaudi's masterpiece. He spent over 40 years of his life working on this massive project, dedicating the last 15 years of his life exclusively to it. Apparently when he was asked about the lengthy construction timetable he replied, "My client is not in a hurry." Considering the fact that the project started in 1883 with current estimates indicating a scheduled completion date of sometime in 2026, the circumstances support Gaudi's sentiment that it's really not possible to rush perfection.
During my visit to Barcelona last Spring, I had set out specifically to shoot La Sagrada Familia. On the day I shot this image, I tried to mask the scaffolding and construction equipment as best as I could by using a wider angle and incorporating the trees and shadows into the composition in order to achieve a more balanced and artistic image.

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