March 28, 2009

Medium Format Experiment Yields Ethereal Results...

I usually shoot on 35mm film but I had always wanted to experiment with medium format photography as well. I picked up a little Holga one day and took it out to do some test shooting locally in Santa Monica. I happened to be in the vicinity of Santa Monica college and was looking for a place where I could shoot with relative peace and concentration yet somewhere which would be a source of inspiration at the same time. I stumbled upon Woodlawn Memorial Cemetery. I had to think about it a little bit since it wouldn't have been my natural first choice as a shooting location but the more I thought about it I realized that it was the perfect location....quiet, a place where I could be pensive and tap into my intuition, yet be surrounded by plenty of other-worldly inspiration. I didn't spend much time there mainly out of a sense of respect...there were others in the cemetery and I didn't want to spend too much time walking around with my camera shooting epitaphs, mausoleums, etc. I think another photographer would definitely understand but I don't know if the average non-photographer would be quite so nonchalant about it...I do love the medium format camera, however, and as I post this I am realizing that I should probably experiment with it a bit more. Just a few images from that day are included below...

(images copyright of Lili Rahmati;

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