March 17, 2009

Celebrating the Year 2568: Naw Ruz (Persian New Year)

In celebration of the 2568th anniversary of the Persian New Year I am posting a video which I created comprised of images I shot while visiting Musee du Louvre, Ancient Near East section, Ancient Iran & Mesopotamian Art.
I was born on Iranian soil and left at a young age - in my heart I wish for the day that I can return, as an adult and as a photographer, to capture the magic and mysteries of this rich and ancient land on film and share them with whomever may be interested.
Until that day comes, the section of the Louvre which houses the arts, artifacts, and architectural art history of the Great Persian Empire, is the closest I can get to the magnificent splendor that Iran has to offer.
To all Iranians, in Iran and in the diaspora communities around the world, I send my most sincere wishes for a healthy and Happy New Year. As we say in Farsi: "Eid-e-Shoma Mobarak".

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(images on this blog are copyright of Lili Rahmati)

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